This Website Is Hosted on Hostinger Singapore Datacenter

Hey there! The good folks over at Bitcatcha created this site for the sole purpose of testing Hostinger’s performance in Singapore. If you’re here hoping to be entertained, you’ll be sorely disappointed. But if you’re here because you want data, then you’ve come to the right place.

Which Hostinger Plan Is This Website Hosted On?


This test site runs on Hostinger’s Premium Shared Hosting plan

At Bitcatcha, our dedicated staff spends all their time researching and testing web hosting options for you, our dear readers. We do this because we want to offer you the closest possible experience of hosting with a particular web host, so you can judge for yourself to see if the web hosting company suits your needs. We cover everything, from uptime, server response speed, to general ease of use.

Our dedication to this cause led us to create this website, as it is the best way to accurately track Hostinger’s shared services to see how they perform in real-world situations.

Results: Hostinger Singapore Uptime (March 2019 – Today)

To monitor the site’s uptime, we used a free tool called Uptime Robot. Although a 100% uptime is ideal, it’s unlikely given the many variable of things that can go wrong (glitchy tracker, network down, etc). However, we get a guarantee of 99.9% uptime from Hostinger, so we shouldn’t be expecting anything less.

(This counter is constantly updating.)

Results: Hostinger Singapore Server Speed Test Results

At Bitcatcha, speed is of utmost importance to us. It’s so important that we created a server response time tool just to run speed tests on random servers. A server needs to respond to a request (in laymen’s terms, it’s when someone enters a URL in a browser) in milliseconds for it to be considered ‘working as normal’. Anything longer than 200ms to respond and the lag will be very noticeable.

Using our very own server response time tool, we pinged this very site from 10 nodes around the world, which is the equivalent of 10 people from around the world accessing this website at the same time. The data from the nodes show us how fast Hostinger’s Singapore server responded to each node, benchmarked against Google’s recommended response time of 200 ms.

  • Rating: A+
  • Worldwide Average Speed: 168.9 ms
  • Average Speed in Asia (Singapore, India, Sydney and Japan): 58 ms
  • See The Full Report

We used the data from each node location to give us a worldwide average. Hostinger’s Singapore data center returned with a worldwide average of 168.9 ms, a whole lot faster than Google’s recommendation of 200 ms, which puts them in our top tier A+ ranked web hosts.